Friday, September 17, 2010

What Comes Around.....

Years ago, when I worked in a bank in New York City, there was a lovely Indian chic there who spoke the English language very, very well, but she didn't always get hip or new sayings or slang. I know it sounds juvenile, but at some point some of the young "boys" were teasing her about something (likely her mastery of the language) and it made her upset. She said in a rather strong voice (for a bank in 1999):

"What comes around, goes around and around and around!!"

It was memorable mostly because it is so true and it was just so cute the way she said it.

But I truly believe that you need to watch your karma in this world and make sure that you are leaving the right "footprint" (to borrow a phrase from the eco-writers).

Run far, but make sure you run clean, and lovingly through life.

My wisdom of the day.

Be happy.


  1. Love it! Karma definitely has a way of making a second appearance!

  2. Love your wisdom Deb and I agree with you 100%!
    And I love how your Indian friend expanded/changed that expression.

    I am reading "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and it mainly talks about the Law of Attraction. We attract what we think, a very simple philosophy and it works!

    So now when I wake up every morning and my first thoughts are today is a wonderful day and guess always is!

    Take care
    Peggy xxx